Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Sister Coleman, C, Sister Rudd

C got baptized!!! It was wonderful :) Leading up to it absolutely everything was going wrong, it was like the most stressful thing ever. But it didn't even matter because he got baptized and it all turned out great :) His whole family came, none of whom are members. They seemed to like it a lot and they're all really proud of him.There were over 40 people there, there wasn't enough room in the relief society room for everyone, people had to stand. It was so great to see everyone be so supportive and welcome him into the ward. Two members of the stake presidency also came, which was a lot of pressure haha. We taught the first lesson to all of them while they were getting changed. It was really scary!

The couple in the one picture are really good friends with C and his family, they're basically like his grandparents. Brother T was the one who baptized him, and they didn't want to wear their jumpsuits any longer than they had to, so that's why they're just dressed normally :) When they opened the font, C and Brother T were already in there and C just had the hugest grin on his face. He waved and everybody laughed. He's really a great kid, we're all so happy for him. On Sunday he was confirmed and got the priesthood. And we spoke in sacrament meeting. It's been a crazy but wonderful few days :)

And nothing else that happened this week is really very important compared to that. Although my halfway mark was this week. Ah! And we have seen a lot of other miracles. They gave us more miles for our car! Yay! We actually got a new car and we were so excited, but it's exactly the same as our other car. Maybe worse, the elders who had it left lettuce (we think it was lettuce...) under the seat.

Funniest moment of the week: A few hours before C's baptism we were riding and Brother T and C happened to drive by. Now the bike trail we were on is is nowhere near the road, but Brother T drove off the road and through the grass to come talk to us. We thought some crazy person was trying to hit me with their truck. And that probably wouldn't be super unlikely in Florida.

Oh! If you haven't seen the new Because He Lives video, it's at It's a good one :) 

And for those of you ladies out there who saw the women's broadcast, was it not amazing? I'm so grateful for my family and that I get to be with them forever :) And I'm so excited for General Conference this week!!! How amazing to have it on the day that we celebrate the resurrection of the Savior. I can't wait! I'm so grateful for a modern-day prophet and personal revelation. And most of all, for Christ and His sacrifice for us, so that we can all live again. And I know that we can :)

I hope you all have an amazing week and Easter! And General Conference of course :)

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