Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

So our car problem this week: lack of a car! We still have a car, thank goodness, we just found out that we don't have very many miles at all and our area is huge, so we've been doing my favorite thing: biking! It hasn't been too bad though, it can be really fun, this area just isn't very good for biking. And it's way hilly, so that can be rough haha. But I'm just grateful that it's not 90 degrees yet, Florida summers are KILLER!

This week it seems like bad things are happening everywhere we go. The drug bust happened when we went to go visit a member. We pulled into the trailer park and about 10 cop cars came in after us. We were like what is going on?? There was a helicopter and everything. We found the members we were going to see and they told us what was going on and that the guy who was being arrested was another member of the church, who we had actually also planned on going to see. So yeah, I'm glad we didn't...

A few days later some cops got shot right by the church, which is also right by our apartment complex. And it's actually in a pretty nice area. I think they were all okay though. Thankfully we weren't nearby, but our car was parked at the church. The member who drove us made her husband come to drop us off because apparently he's always packin' :) (I think most people here are...)

And don't worry Mom, we always try to be safe and I know the Lord protects us :)

C's baptism was supposed to be this week, but there's a bunch of drama with his family, so now it's set for the 28th. He already had his interview and everything, so he's ready! Hopefully everything will work out with his family, he's so awesome and so excited to be baptized.

Y, the girl from Japan, is awesome. We had a member who's preparing to go on a mission invite her to be baptized and she was like "Like in the future? Yeah, probably. I think so, yeah!" We still don't think she really understands, but she says she's been a lot happier and more positive since she's been meeting with us. She's adorable, we're hoping to set a date with her the next time we see her.

We have a few other investigators but those are our most solid ones. We meet lots of really kind, genuine people, so that's been great.

Some funny moments:

We had one guy tell us "Sorry no, I'm Mormon" Um, what?? Needless to say, he wasn't.

We were having a lesson with this other guy on the front porch and he kept telling us to hold on and he would go inside and call his mom and talk to her about what we said. He was like "I have never heard of this Joseph Smith guy. Never." And his face when we told him that we believe there's a prophet on the earth today was priceless. After he shut the door that time we cracked up, it was so funny. Then he came back and said "It's not true, my mom says it's not true. She's never heard of Joseph Smith either." But when we went to leave he was like "Wait, you didn't give me the Book of Mormon!" Apparently he still wanted to read it, so I guess we'll see haha.

Another guy we met (pretty sure he was drunk) tried to get us to fight with his Catholic friends, he kept saying things to them like "oh, you're drinking coffee? You can't do that!" That one was actually more frustrating than funny, but he thought it was hilarious. His friends were pretty nice and respectful though. Most religious people are that way, they're usually very nice and commend us for what we're doing. I've definitely seen how there is so much good in all religions, they're so close. I'm so grateful for knowledge of this beautiful gospel and for this wonderful opportunity to share it with others. 

And here's a really awesome scripture that I found this week: Romans 8:14-17 :) I'm also grateful for the opportunity to suffer, even the tiniest bit, with Him.

Love y'all, and I hope you have a fantastic week :)

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