Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Transfers are this week and, thank goodness, we're both staying! But now I never feel safe because I feel like we could be transferred at any moment haha. But this transfer has gone by so fast! 

We've set some more baptismal dates and found lots of new investigators this week. Not sure how many of them are actually going to progress though. But we met this one girl, D, who is really awesome. She's 16 and we met her in front of her house, and she told us she had actually been to mutual before with a friend. She came to mutual that night and walked all the way to church on Sunday. We felt so bad, she left sacrament meeting before we got to even talk to her and tell her that there were still 2 more hours haha. But in our first lesson with her we set a date for March 28th, which is only a few weeks away! We're hoping we won't have to drop her, cause she's super awesome, but she's hard to get a hold of because she's hardly ever home and she doesn't have a phone. And she's 16 soo... she's a little unreliable sometimes :)

We taught the young women's lesson on faith this week and it was really fun! The ward only has a few young women, but they weren't as rowdy as they usually are and they participated really well. Young women's is where I feel at home, I'm still slightly in denial about being an adult. Which I better get over soon because I'm approaching 20 way too quickly!

This week we've been working a lot with the less-active and part-member families in our ward. Our ward is really wonderful, but bless their hearts, soooo many of them are less-active. And many of the active ones used to be less-active or are on the verge of becoming less active. So we have a lot of work to do. Thank goodness this is the Lord's work and not ours. It's kind of sad sometimes, because so many of them have a testimony, but just refuse to do anything about it. There are several families where the husband isn't a member and the wife and children have been praying for years for them to get baptized. It's heart breaking.

Well that was kind of depressing, but overall I am still doing really well :) I'm so grateful to be here. The opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's hands is incredible. I love this gospel and my Savior so much. Probably the biggest reason I love my mission is because it's brought me closer to Him, especially the hard times. I'm so, so grateful for the chance to serve Him full-time :)

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