Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

First of all, wasn't Conference amazing?? Oh man, it was so good. I'm sad it's over. Good thing we only have to wait 6 months :) We were almost late to the first session and we were so worried we'd miss it, we had to bike like the wind up this huge hill to make it to the church. We made it just in time. And it was worth it :)

Why did we have to bike you may ask? Well, we found out last Tuesday that our whole mission is going to be full bike for 3 weeks. We were hoping it was an April Fool's joke, but nope, they were very serious. So that's been... interesting. One week down, 2 to go.

Our mission has also started tracting, so that'll be kind of different. I know most missions in the world do that all the time, but we never have because our mission president said it isn't effective. But I guess he changed his mind. We've only done it a couple times, but I think I like it better than talking to people on the street. 

We had a really great Easter. 2 of our new investigators, J and V, came to the Sunday morning session of Conference. They had to watch it in another room in Spanish (they don't really speak a lot of English, so teaching them is interesting), but they said they really liked it. Then we watched the Sunday evening session at a family's home with Y. They fed us an amazing Easter lunch/dinner in between sessions and I got to play Battleship with some of their kids. Unfortunately, their 8-year-old son beat me, but I'm pretty sure he was cheating :)

I've learned something new about myself on my mission: apparently I look Hispanic. I thought I was as white as could be (well, I still think so), but all the Hispanics here think I'm one of them! It's the weirdest thing, they all come up to me and start speaking Spanish and I have to be like no sorry, I don't speak Spanish, and they're always surprised. Just last night, a Puerto Rican asked me if I was from Puerto Rico too. Yeah, I don't get it either. 

And as for my title, a guy we met this week asked us if either of us were married. When we told him we weren't he said "Why not?" And then proceeded to tell us why we needed to go get married. He told us he would come to church with us on one condition: if we promised him we'd get married.

I hope you all had a Happy Easter! What a great day to remember the greatest gift we've ever been given. And then Conference on the same day, it was almost too much awesomeness! But I'm sure this week will be a good one too :) Love you all!

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