Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

This week I told someone that we were missionaries for our church and for some reason he thought we were government assassins or something? And he was completely serious. Yeah, it was weird. But pretty funny. Too bad we had to kill him.

Our stake conference was this week and it was super good. They had some converts bear their testimonies and it was really neat. One of them went back to prison for a year so that he could get baptized and another had the missionaries coming over for 47 years before he decided to join the church. It gave me hope that we just never know :) They also talked about the importance of councils, especially family councils. I'm grateful for this church where everyone works together and helps each other. I know that councils are the Lord's way, we're all here because of a Council after all :)

At stake conference President Cusick came up to us and said "Lake Wales is raving about you!" I don't know who was raving about us to him, but I guess that's good haha. He gave a really good talk about how every meeting is useless unless it changes us. He shared a story about how he got hypothermia as a child and talked about how we need to be constantly working and improving or we'll go spiritually numb.

C's baptism is going to be this week!! On Saturday Sister Rudd was like "guess what today is!" And he said "the day before the meeting tomorrow?" We were like "well yes, but it's also one week until your baptism!" And he was like "oh yeah!!" We're all so excited for him, he's really an awesome kid :) But we're a little worried because he's sick right now, so we're praying really hard for him to get better by Saturday!

Last night we had a pretty cool miracle. A member took us to go see someone and on the way back I accidentally told her to turn the wrong way, and we decided that since we were already headed in the wrong direction, we might as well go see this other family. The dad isn't a member and it was awesome, he's been asking his wife a lot of questions and asking her to take him to church with her. And now he's getting baptized! We set a date with him for April 25th! I'm glad that something good could come from my mistake haha :)

Also, my halfway mark is on Wednesday!! This is going by so fast! I'm realizing that I'll probably never entirely know what I'm doing, oh well :) The same goes for life I think :) I've learned so much about God and others and myself and life and just everything in these past 9 months, it's been really incredible. Hopefully the next 9 will be just as good, maybe even better! :)

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