Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Mission Conference from last week.

So, we've been having some car troubles this week. But not troubles with the car so much as troubles with the driver... which is unfortunately me. The other day I hit Sister Rudd while she was backing me! I know, isn't that terrible?? I feel so bad! But she's fine, she wasn't hurt or anything. She thinks it's pretty funny actually, but watching her fall over was not so funny! I told her that I am forever indebted to her. Thankfully she's very forgiving, I don't think I would be too happy if someone hit me with a car.

Second problem: I locked the keys in the car this morning! We were washing it and I set the keys down in the trunk and I though Sister Rudd saw me put them there but she didn't so she shut the trunk. We were right in front of our apartment and I put the keys to it in the trunk too, but THANK GOODNESS, I didn't lock the door when we were leaving. I'm really grateful because I was about to lock it but for some reason I didn't. (Yeah, now I know what the reason is. Thank you Heavenly Father!) So we could get back into our apartment, and after calling a lot of people, the bishop called the locksmith for us and he got their pretty quickly. But yeah, as if hitting my companion with the car wasn't enough.

Better news: C is getting baptized on the 14th! He's doing really well, he's an awesome kid. His twin sister isn't quite as interested, so she might take longer, but we think she'll join the church eventually too. But we're so excited for C, he's the best!

And we have a new investigator this week named Y. She's from Japan and is working at Weber, which is an international college they have down here. So she's about our age. And she's really good friends with some members of the ward. She came to church yesterday and said she really liked it, and hopefully we'll set a date with her this week!

We also got new iPads this week, which was exciting, but they're pretty much exactly the same, just newer. But it's nice because these ones are actually ours, we get to take them home with us!

Also, I don't think I mentioned this, but we are the only sisters in our district. Aaaaall elders. Sometimes it feels like we're the only sisters in the world. Lots of people have never even seen sister missionaries before. It's really different because in Tampa there were almost as many sisters as elders. It gets kind of lonely sometimes, we're like a rare species or something, which can be fun too :)

From last week's conference.

And my 8 month mark was this week! My mission is almost half over!! It is seriously flying by. I'm loving every minute of it! Or at least trying to, some minutes are easier to love than others :) But things are going really well, we had over 20 lessons this week which is the most I've ever had. And the people here are really wonderful and kind. Very country, but that's nothing I'm not used to ;) Although it is kind of surprising to me in Florida.

Anyway, have a great week everyone! The church is true, the book is blue! (Haha I heard that recently and thought it was funny). Okay, I'm done for real now, bye! :)

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