Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

First of all, we've had a few interesting wildlife encounters this week. Once we rang someone's doorbell- like where it's an actual bell, not just a button- and a swarm of wasps flew out. It was terrible. Neither of us got stung, it was just a little traumatic. And then one night we got back to our apartment and there was a huge frog on the doorknob. It was evil. But Sister Rhodes used her bike lock to make it hop away haha. Good riddance.

It has been raining even more lately, I think it's rained every day this week. But thankfully we've been able to stay out of it, for the most part.

A few weeks ago we were knocking on doors and we met a lady named S who told us she was about to get saved in Alabama but then she moved here and that she wanted to come to church. We finally got to go see her again yesterday and we found out she really was about to get baptized right before she left. She had been trying to find the church here but couldn't find it, and then we knocked on the door. She is super awesome, we're so excited to teach her!

And L is still doing great, she's coming to church every week and loving it. At first she told us she'd already been baptized and doesn't want to be again, but the other day she texted us and told us she was reading a scripture about how we all need to be baptized and thinking about how she lacked in her past baptisms. It's so neat how it's the Spirit that really teaches people, not us :)

"People looooove giving us water. This is all from a few hours."

The other day we knocked on a man's door and he told us "Do you know where you are? This is Polk County! This is the redneck capital of the world! They'd just as soon chop you up and make ya into gator bait!" Thankfully we haven't been made into gator bait yet...

Pinata from Uncle Dustin and Aunt Kylee
And I'm out of time, but this is a really great new Mormon message that we watched today:

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