Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

Sisters Rhodes and Coleman
Sis. Rhodes aunt, uncle and cousins live in our stake.
My new companion is Sister Rhodes! She's super awesome, we get along great and have a lot of fun :) (But not TOO much fun :)) Her birthday was this week and we had a grand party :) At the transfer meeting when we got put together President Cusick called my name and told me to stand up. After I did he said "come on, stand up." Haha. Hilarious.

"Sister Rhodes' birthday!
And yes, those are poptarts. It's all we had :) "

Being with Sister Takaki and Sister Torres was fun too. But we had an interesting/scary experience. We went to an investigators house and heard screaming inside. When we knocked on the door she ran outside holding her half-conscious son and she was screaming and crying hysterically. The ambulance came shortly after and took her and her son, leaving us with her other two children. Missionaries are NOT allowed to babysit. But we couldn't leave them alone. One of the kids is like 10 and he has down syndrome and the other one is two. The two-year-old was a piece of cake but the other one... yikes. He's almost as big as Sister Takaki and I and whenever we tried to get him to stop doing something bad he would get mad and a little violent. And he wears a diaper. Yeah, lets just say it was interesting. Thankfully a member came and helped for a little while. And the mom came back about 4 hours later. And her son was fine, he just had a migraine or something. Everyone survived the traumatic experience :)

Yesterday someone told us they were so sorry that we belong to such a terrible cult. So that was lovely. But thankfully we meet lots of really nice people too.

A little boy got baptized on Saturday and we got to go out to Chili's with everyone afterwards. It was mostly just 2 families, but they're both huge Mormon families, there were like 20 of us. The poor Chili's workers were a little stressed to say the least.  

These are written by our 9-year-old recent convert, J. 
Enjoy :)

Our most progressing investigator right now is named L, and she is AWESOME. She comes to church every Sunday, and to the Bible study class we have on Wednesday, which is already more than almost anyone does. And she loves it, which is an even bigger miracle haha. She is just loving learning about the gospel, it's so awesome. She keeps telling me how grateful she is that we found her and invited her, she's so sweet. 

I hit my 13 month mark this week, which means I only have 5 to go. I know I always say this, but it seriously goes so fast. But I'm lovin it :) And I'm out of email time. Love y'all, have a fantastic week!

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