Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Happy New Year everybody! :) I hope it's off to a good start for all of you! Things have been kind of slow for us, but not too bad. How did we spend the New Year you ask? (Well probably not, but I'll tell you anyway:) ) Sleeping! We woke up at midnight and were like Happy New Year... and I think Sister Vanderhoff drank some sparkling cider she made from mixing Sprite and apple juice. And I heard a bunch of fireworks going off and stuff but I was like what is that? Let me sleep! Great way to start the year :)

A couple did invite us over New Year's Eve night and we ate and played Apples to Apples and Cranium (I may have won both:) ). It was really fun!

Life-size reindeer at some random home.

We had a really great lesson with L. the other day. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he was like yeah that makes perfect sense, what else is there? And we're like that's it... Definitely never had anyone respond to the Word of Wisdom that way haha. He is so prepared, it's awesome. He asked if he would be required to serve a mission and we told him no and he was like well, I want to! Too bad he's too old. Another funny thing he said was "Do we believe that? Wait, can I say we yet?" And we were like yeah, you can say we. But on the inside we were like ahhhh he said we!!!! He like already considers himself a member of the church, it's great :)

My highlight of the week, other than L. of course, was probably that we went to visit this part-member family and they had these little newborn dwarf hamsters and they were the cutest things ever!!!! They pooped on us and it didn't even matter because they were so cute!!

A woman left treats on the sisters' car.

Oh, awkward moment of the week. We went to visit a less-active member and her boyfriend answered the door and he was like you can just go in. So we knocked on her bedroom door and needless to say, she was a little surprised. How would you like it if the missionaries knocked on your bedroom door? Yeah, it was super awkward, but thankfully she was still pretty nice about it considering. 

Last night we went over to visit some members and they had friends over because for one of their birthday's. We showed them all a Mormon message and they loved it, they were like let's watch another one! And another one! So that was pretty cool :) 

I'm just trying to love every minute of being here, since this is probably my last transfer here (although I did say that last transfer). I love the people here so much, and I love being able to share the gospel with them, it's the best :) 

The paper tree we sent Sis. Coleman with the ornaments
that family sent her with messages of love.  

Well, I gotta get going, have a great week everyone! Love y'all! :)

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