Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

This has been an interesting week. We had interviews with President on Tuesday, which are always kind of scary. Okay, really scary. But they always go really well, he just tells me how sweet I am  And he was really proud of the four sisters in our ward. Apparently we're doing well or something, because he came to visit our ward on Sunday. Yeah, that was a surprise. He spoke in sacrament meeting and had us stand up while he talked about us. Not too fun.

But it was a really good Sunday! Hectic, but good, as Sundays as a missionary often are. L. and his daughters came, and a member brought her friend M., who we've been hoping would come for a long time. She's from the Bahamas and she's super awesome, and said she really enjoyed church. Satan did not want her coming, she got mugged at gunpoint this week, but thankfully she's okay.

One of our less-actives who's only come like twice since I've been here also came with her granddaughter. I think her granddaughter is a big part of the reason she came. She's 4 and probably the cutest little girl ever. She told me "Guess what I want to be when I grow up! A missionary!" Seriously, adorable. I felt like a celebrity at church, and not in a good way.

Anyway, more about L.: we had to push his baptismal date back a week in order to get through all the lessons and he was so upset! He's so excited for his baptism, it's awesome :) His twin 8-year-old daughters were there during one of our lessons and one of them asked if she could push her Barbie car down the stairs, and when he said no, she told him she saw it in a YouTube video. Which I think pretty decently represents the children of the rising generation.

We also had a lesson with a new investigator, J. He just lost his job and we're not sure what his intentions are yet, but he seems like a really great guy. He knows about the church because he was really good friends with a bishop down in Puerto Rico. 

Fun fact: everyone in Florida (it seems like it anyway) goes to North Carolina for vacation this time of year. Who knows why. I think they like to see the snow, but it like hardly snows there, so I don't really know. But I'm like take me with you! And they're all like okay, get in my suitcase :)

Snow in Florida
Not really. They had fake snow at a Christmas Party.

A family in our ward this week was telling us about their family mission plan and how every month that they do well on their missionary work, the next month is really good for them financially. Seriously, so many blessings come from sharing the gospel, it's awesome. I'm so grateful to get to be a part of it full-time. The church is so true, it's insane :)

Cuz I'm happy . . .

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