Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

They got matching blankets for the chilly 60 degree weather.

"If I get eaten by something, you can have my skull!"

A little boy said that to me this week. Yeah, I don't know either...

Sorry, I don't have a lot of time today, a family in our ward is taking us to the zoo! :)

But this week, has been crazy! First of all, they changed our mission boundaries. The Fort Myers zone is in the Fort Lauderdale mission now. So all the missionaries that were down there are in a different mission now! It doesn't really affect me too much, except that all those people are gone now and I'll never end up serving there.

The mission president tok a pano photo of the
entire mission standing around the entire parking lot.  
They also took away all the senior companion's iPad's, so now we're both sharing mine. That's been kind of a hard adjustment because we have EVERYTHING on there, but we're trying not to act like spoiled brats because we're lucky to even have an iPad :) 

Also, I HELD A MONKEY THIS WEEK! A family in our ward has 2 pet monkeys! And they just climb all over you, it's really weird. They're so cute, but it's also kind of freaky; they're kind of way too intelligent for a not-human. But they even have little diapers and stuff, it's adorable :)

Our ward also had a 50's dance this week! It was really fun, or at least it looked fun :) Haha we couldn't really participate, but we served root beer floats and that was fun :)

Saddest part of the week: L. is not getting baptized :( Well, yet. Hopefully he will soon. It's been sad because he really wants to be, a lot of obstacles are getting thrown in his way. If you want to pray for him that would be really awesome, he could really use it. 

Most awkward moment of the week: teaching the Word of Wisdom while the girl's mom was sitting there smoking.

And on that note, I'm out of time! Thank you guys for everything! Have a fantastic week! :)

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