Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Todd got this necklace for Jordan not long after she arrived in Tampa.
Her companion recently recieved the same necklace.
I think they are both glad to not be riding as frequently.

Sister Rowland is getting transferred!!! Ah! Which means that I'll be taking over the area. I'm kind of nervous, it still feels like I just got here, I'm definitely not ready at all. But I know that God will help me. I've really seen how as long as we're doing our best best, He makes up for our weaknesses and inadequacies. It'll be a really good learning experience too. I'm sad to see Sister Rowland go, we became really good friends, but I'm excited for her. She's going to be training again! I keep telling her it's because she did such a good job with me ;) I'm excited, and once again, a little nervous, to get a new companion! Transfers are on Thursday, so this will be quite the week.

This week has been good though. I got to meet Maximo! He's sooooo incredible. I adore him. He's so sick that it's hard for us to meet with him. Poor guy. He hasn't been able to come to church yet. I hope he can soon, he'd love it. We told him about fast and testimony meeting and he said that he wanted to bear his testimony, so it was really a bummer that he couldn't make it. He's so ready, as soon as he can come to church twice, he can be baptized. Some men in our ward are going over to give him a blessing, that'll be really good.

We had exchanges again this week. They're only supposed to be about once a transfer, but our STLs like to do them a lot I guess. They were really good though. I was with Sister Davis, and I was a little intimidated because she's so awesome, she's almost at the end of her mission. We had kind of a rough day, we didn't have a lot of people to see since her and her companion both came to our area. Everyone we had scheduled wasn't home. She had a few promptings to go certain places, but nothing came of it. One of them was to get ice cream at Twistee Treat (uhuh, "prompting" ;) ), and talk to a family there. I sure wasn't complaining :) The family wasn't interested, but we ran into this girl that she used to teach! It was crazy. Nothing really came of that either, but hopefully something will in the future.

Sisters Davis & Coleman
Iinspired to stop for ice cream

Then we were outside walking and this guy pulled over and gave us water bottles. It was so weird because we just see this man running towards us and we're like uh... He just handed them to us and ran away. We were like wuh.. wait!! Sister Davis was on the phone and she was like I'm gonna have to call you back! And she hung up on whoever it was. We called the guy back and he told us that he saw us walking earlier and just felt like he should stop and give us water bottles. Crazy! He was so nice, he agreed for us to come and teach him and his family! We went over there once and no one was home, I'm reeeeally hoping we can teach them! He was seriously the nicest guy ever. 

Sisters Coleman & Davis
Receiving water from generous man - potential investigator
Then it started POURING, and we were really far from our car. And Florida rain is like nothing else I've ever seen, it's insane. Needless to say, we got soaked. But it turned out being really fun, we ran into this girl from the ward and her friends, one of whom we're trying to teach. They walked all the way to our car with us. Sister Davis told me it was one of the best exchanges she's ever gone on. And she's been on A LOT of exchanges, she's been a Sister Training Leader for a lot of her mission. She said we needed to celebrate, and when we pulled up to our apartment complex, they were giving out free pizza! It ended up being a good day :) We did almost get struck by lightning though, it was like within 20 feet of us, it was so scary. Buuut we didn't :)

Sisters Coleman & Davis
Free Pizza - Great day!

Another example of everyone here having a connection to North Carolina: there's a guy in our ward here who apparently spoke in Burlington once! Like I was probably there when he spoke at our ward, it was so weird.
We also had a baby shower for a lady in our ward this week at this really fancy restaurant, it was so fun hanging out with all the young moms in our ward. And her non-member friend was there, she does an excercise class that we go to sometimes. She's great, we're working on her :)

We taught the lesson in young women's on Wednesday. It was fun, I miss being a young woman, I'm so old now :)

That's all I can think of! Have fun watching conference! I'm sure it'll be so great, it always is :) Have a fantastic week!

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