Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Sisters Coleman and Rowland playing a game at a member's home after a missionary fireside.
I am so thankful for the Nelms family who send me photos and videos of our girl in action.

Things are going pretty great, as usual :) Danielle is doing so awesome! She keeps telling us how happy the gospel is making her and how it's what she needed. Unfortunately, her family is giving her a hard time about it. It seems like that always happens. It's sad but we know she'll be alright.  She's been through a lot in her life and it's made her a really strong person. It's so incredible to see people who have been through so much, yet they still have so much faith. She never let us into her house, she's embarrassed by it because her aunt is kind of a hoarder. But yesterday she finally let us in! We were really happy, both because she's coming to trust us more and more, and because it is so hot outside. Her 2-year-old daughter really likes us too now, every time we try to leave she stands on the sidewalk and says "no, you trapped!" She's adorable :) But once Danielle can quit smoking she can be baptized! She's so close and we're so excited :)

Our AC got fixed! Temporarily. It was funny because we got so used to our apartment being super hot. We came home after they fixed it and we were like - it's freezing in here! It feels like a refrigerator! But we looked at the temperature and it was 72, which is what we always used to keep it at. Now it's not working so great again, but it's not uncomfortable, so I'm grateful :)
The older lady we're teaching told us this week about when she worked for the king of Jordan and how when she was engaged to her husband a prince fell in love with her and gave her all these jewels to not marry her American husband but she refused. The craziest part is that it's all true. She's had quite the life :)

Our mission president has told us to do all our finding within a 5-mile radius of the church, which is a great idea, but it hasn't been working out for us so well. Almost nowhere in our area is within that radius. So we have to go to the other sisters' area and walk around for hours in the 100+ degree weather where there are no people. Being obedient is hard sometimes. But oh well, we're still alive :) They also might move us and change our area so I'm kind of nervous about
that. We'll see what happens.

We went to see that super Christian lady again, and he Bible bashed us HARD for over an hour. Sister Rowland was crying. And I don't blame her, she was being really mean. Everything we would say she would ask "where's that in the Bible?" And she basically would jut say why every single thing was wrong. But then she would be like "I don't want you to feel like I'm attacking you, I love you guys!" But yeah, that was the most attacked I've ever felt in my life. But afterwards she felt bad and texted us and said she didn't want to argue anymore. So she
invited us over for dinner with her family and it was really great. We have an interesting relationship :)  She calls us Sister Jordan and Sister Kaitlin, she refuses to use our last names. She was introducing us to her husband and I was like who's  that? Oh wait, that's me! It's so weird to hear my first name :)

We had a great game night this week with some recent converts and our ward did a missionary fireside where we watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. They were both really fun! We never get to watch movies or play games, so that was awesome :)

Cool story with a guy we met last week! He was the kid who came up to us and said he wanted to come to church, but he didn't come! (No one ever does.) But we were so bummed because he just seemed like such a miracle but we didn't have any of his information to get a hold of him. But the other day, we had an appointment in the neighborhood where we saw him. We were about to leave, but Sister Rowland felt like we should stay and walk around the neighborhood. So we did, and right
as we got to the edge of the neighborhood, there he was! Both he and we were like - seriously?? But we got his phone number and he told us he wanted to introduce us to everyone in his apartment complex, because apparently "everyone knows him." He's really awesome, hopefully he'll get baptized :)

I think that's about it! I hope you all have an amazing Labor Day and get to rest from your labors :) Have a great week! The church is true! :)

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