Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Lucky for y'all, I can't write a lot this week. We have a zone p-day (whatever that is, but it sounds fun!) all day today. I'm excited, and only a little disappointed that it means no nap time :)  I've really seen the power of prayer this week. Last Sunday our district leader asked us to fast for one of our investigators. It was hard to choose one, they all need a lot of help haha :) But a Sister Rowland and I both chose the same person, and we found out the next day that his atheist girlfriend was suddenly a lot more supportive.  She was the main problem, especially with the Law of Chastity, but they even decided to wait until marriage, which was a huge surprise
and a miracle.

The mom of the kids we're teaching agreed to be baptized this week!  They all still have a lot of learning to do but we're definitely making progress :)  Danielle is doing so well! She's set to be baptized in 2 weeks, and her mom is going to be here from Ohio and come to church with her and come to her baptism! And her boyfriend came to church with her this week. We never know when they're together or not. She says this is his trial period and they might be done for good soon. Honestly, we're kind of hoping they'll break up. He's really not a good influence at all. He's not interested in the church, but he really likes us. He bore his testimony at church on Sunday! That was a shocker. We were so worried about what he'd say. We think he might have drunk. But he just said how grateful he was that we come to see Danielle and how much he loved his family.

We had exchanges this week, and we were really nervous. They told us late the night before, so we didn't have a chance to plan for it. It was the first time I had to do it in our area, so I'd be in charge of everything, and I still don't know a lot haha. I don't know where anything is either, I've only driven here once. I was so scared but I just prayed really hard and just told Heavenly Father that I trusted him. I knew there was no way I could do it on my own, but that with His help, I can do anything. I also felt really sick that morning and I prayed that everything would work out. And I know that he answered my prayers. It was such a good day, I felt so much better, I always knew exactly what to say and I didn't get lost. We had some really good lessons and Sister Takaki and I had a lot of fun together.

I know that God loves us and that he truly hears and answers our prayers.  That's all I have time for! Oh, and you should all read the talk  "Following Up" by Ballard, it's super awesome :)  Have a good week everyone, I love you guys! And thanks for all your support! :)

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