Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

So first of all: my year mark is on Thursday! This is going by SO fast! Sometimes :)

We've been doing A LOT of tracting. They challenged us to knock 40 doors every day this week, which I didn't think sounded like that many, but it's super hard. You have to literally knock all day. Which is not the best, because the temperature has gotten up in the hundreds. But it's kept us busy. We have to be home every night by 9:30 and a couple of times this week we've had to run home to make it on time. One time was particularly fun. We were at Walmart, which is pretty far from our apartment, usually it takes us several hours to walk there. We were taking cover because it looked like there was about to be a really bad storm. We had to speed walk/run home in under an hour. But we made it! And it never even rained.

Then the next day there did end up being a really bad storm, we were stranded in Publix for a few hours. The weather is so unpredictable. The streets were all flooded and there were fallen trees everywhere. Yay for hurricane season. We met this cute little dog who started following us around. But it wasn't so cute after a few hours. He followed us all the way home on our bikes, across a lot of busy traffic. It was so scary, we're just glad he made it alive. But it was quite a few miles, he's very loyal. No clue whose dog he is. He sat outside our door at night and whined, it was so sad. But when we woke up he was gone. We hope he's okay :( Unfortunately, we're not allowed to have any pets.

"This is Rocky"

We had a really cool lesson with a new investigator named C. He's a member's friend, and the first time we met with him, he was really bitter and cynical, and didn't seem to really even believe in God. But now he's been reading the Book of Mormon and he told us that he thinks he might want to be baptized. So that was pretty neat. It's cool to see the Lord change people's hearts.

"Sign found on a door while tracting."

One of my favorite moments of the week: Sister Rudd meant to pull out a Restoration pamphlet for somebody we had just met, and she pulled out a Law of Chastity one. It was priceless :)

Sorry that was all basically about nothing, but I'm out of time again. Life is good. Hot, but good :)

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