Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4, 2014: 2nd Week in Missionary Training Center

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This past week has been CRAZY! But good crazy :) It feels like we just got here, but at the same time it feels like it's been like 10 years. This will be my last email from the MTC, which is so weird to think about. We fly out to Florida Tuesday morning at like 7:30, so we have to leave the MTC at like 3:30 am. Fun stuff. I'm so excited and also a little nervous! I'm definitely so much better prepared than before, but still nowhere near as ready as I should be or I'd like to be. But oh well! Whom the Lord calls, He qualifies!

I'm still learning so much, it's ridiculous. The analogy everyone uses is someone is spraying a fire hose in your mouth and you're trying to drink out of it. That's pretty much what it feels like. But it's great :) On Sunday we watched this really great devotional given by President Bednar called the Character of Christ. I would definitely recommend watching it, it's so good. And Sister Marriott of the young woman general presidency came and spoke to the sisters about her conversion story and not giving up on people, that was really good too.

Sister Klein has been really sick this past week, so we've missed a lot of classes. The health center here is kind of terrible, we went like 5 times and they sent us to the BYU student health center twice before they really did anything to help her. They finally gave her some medicine and she's feeling a lot better.

A lot of the elders in our zone left last week. They're going to go to Detroit and India. We miss them, but we're so excited for them! We also got our new elders and they're going to England and Denver. They all seem super quiet, especially compared to all of our other crazy elders, but I guess they did just get here, and the MTC can be pretty overwhelming. Since we're the sister training leaders we welcomed them and gave them a tour. It's so weird to be like the old veterans here, we just got here last week! 

The rest of the elders in our zone are either going to Tampa with us or to Canada. We're going to miss the ones going to Canada so much, we've all gotten pretty close since we're together like all the time. It's so weird to me that the elders a so young, a bunch of them are fresh out of high school. Not that we're particularly old either though :) The other day this old guy came up to me in the cafeteria and he was like are you lost? And I was like excuse me? He asked me again and I said no and he was like "You're 19?? Missionaries just keep getting younger and younger." It was funny, I'm actually kind of surprised that was the first time someone said something like that to me.

I was really looking forward to going to the temple since there isn't one in our mission, but the Provo temple is closed for cleaning. Which means we probably won't get to go our whole missions, but oh well. We did get to walk around the temple on Sunday and take pictures with our zone, so that was nice.

I think that's about it! And I don't want to make this ridiculously long, because I don't particularly like it when people do that. Sorry if I did it too haha, it's just hard to cram an entire week into one email.

Thank you everyone for all your support, and emails and letters and everything!   I love all of you!

-Sister Coleman

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