Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Things have been kind of slower, but still good. Like I said last time, it's kind of hard to find people to teach when there's never anyone outside. But we're really trying to talk to everyone we see. It's the awkwardest thing ever, it's great :) We committed another lady to baptism last night, so that's exciting. Her name is Danielle and she's amazing! After we told her about the First Vision she was so amazed and she said it was beautiful. We were like well yeah, it sure is :) And there's this elderly lady that's going to be baptized too. She's in like her late 80's, and her English isn't great (like A LOT of the people here). She's from Spain and she's been Catholic all her life, but her husband was Mormon and he tried to get her to meet with the missionaries and join the church so many times, but she was never interested. The last time the missionaries asked her to be baptized, she laughed in their faces. And unfortunately, her husband passed away this week. But something good came from it, because now she "wants to be Mormon." She's not too crazy about the idea of baptism though, she was like "I have to go all the way under the water? Oh..." But then she asked if she had to do that to become Mormon and when we told her that she did, she said she'd do it. She's so funny. She doesn't want anyone to come to her baptism and she won't wear a jumpsuit, it has to be a dress. But she's determined to do whatever it takes to be with her husband again, it's wonderful. And we've been working with some really great new members and less-actives.

Those of you who have served missions probably know this, but people will tell missionaries ANYTHING, it's the weirdest thing. We have random strangers tell us their whole life stories, and plenty of things that we most definitely don't want to know. Last night we had this lady from our ward call us and tell us in far too much detail about the birth of her children. We were like why on earth is she telling us this?? But it was pretty funny, we were having a hard time not laughing at her. People here are craaaazy, but in the best possible way, I love them :)

So far, my mission has been hardest for me physically. We're like the only area in the mission where sisters are on bikes, and sometimes we bike like all day. And obviously, it's kinda hot outside. Every day I'm like dying haha. But it's getting better, I'm slowly getting used to it. And God is definitely helping me, he sees that I really need it haha. He probably thinks I'm so pitiful, but I think He appreciates that I'm trying. And sometimes it pours while we're biking, but it actually feels really good. Oh and also, drivers in Tampa are insane. We almost get killed on a daily basis and people honk at us for crossing in the crosswalks when we have the walk sign. It's grand. But at least no one has hit us. Yet. I do truly believe that the Lord is protecting us though. A guy in our ward got hit on his bike the other day, but thankfully he's alright.

This week I read a talk called The Fourth Missionary. It's about how we have to entirely give up our will and all of our desires and serve God. It really changed my perspective on basically everything. I'd definitely recommend reading it, it applies to everyone.

I think that's about it! I'm still doing great, still really hot and tired, still loving serving the Lord and the crazy people in Florida :) Sometimes I forget that I'm still in America, things are so different here than any other place I've experienced. But it's great, I love it :) And I love all of you! I hope you're all doing well, and I love hearing from you! It's pretty much the only connection I have to the real world these days :) Have a great week!

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