Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Ornaments made with ward members.
I love seeing her handwriting.

This week has been great! It's been like in the 80's which is kind of weird. This lady told us she went to DC and it snowed and I was like it's snowing up there already? And Sister Vanderhoff was like well, it's December. I totally forgot. It does not feel like December!

We went to this really fun winter blast party at a hospital a few days ago, and somehow they like imported snow (or made it? I don't know) for people to go sledding. And they had all these Frozen ice sculptures that were like totally melted, it was great. 

Before we could only listen to MoTab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir), but we got approved to listen to Christmas music, we're excited! And we're having a mission Christmas party this week at the beach, complete with an ugly sweater contest, so that'll be fun :)

Things have been going really well, we've been working really closely with the members of our ward, which has been awesome. I love them so much, I don't know how I'm ever going to leave. And I might be leaving soon, transfers are on the 18th and by then I'll have been here for almost 6 months :( I'm really nervous about getting transferred, I don't want to leave here. But I do know the Lord will take me wherever I need to be. I just hope that's here for a little while longer :)

L. and J. and K. all came to church this week! We had a really good lesson with L. last week, he's the referral from a really awesome family in our ward. And he even brought his girlfriend with him to church. He has really been prepared to receive the gospel, he keeps saying how he feels like something is missing and he wants to come closer to God and know why he's here. We're excited to teach him more :)

J. is the less-active that we've been working with, yesterday was her first time at church in like 20 years! It was awesome, she seemed right at home. And her goddaughter K. seemed to really like primary. She's been the first person we've taught who doesn't really know anything about God, so that's been kind of different, but she's so sweet and ready to learn.  M. has been "not feeling well" (we don't know if that's true or not), and we're not sure how interested she is, we might have to drop her.

We were at our church building for 11 1/2 hours straight yesterday. Yeah, too long. We had meetings and the young man leaving on his mission had his farewell and we just ended up staying all day. Thankfully, we watched the Christmas devotional at someone's home though. Wasn't it great? :) We didn't get to watch the whole thing since we have to be home by 9, but the part we saw was good :) I still can't believe it's getting close to Christmas, so weird.

Did anyone see He's the Gift on the YouTube banner yesterday? I thought it was pretty cool that they did that :) 

That's all folks! Have a fantastic week! We've been asking all the ward members this and I think it's awesome for everyone to think about :)

How will you #ShareTheGift of Jesus Christ? 

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