Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Metro Training Center

First of all, sorry that there was no email last week, I did type a really long email and it took forever. Then silly gmail somehow deleted it right before I was going to send it. I don't know how, you really have to make an effort to delete stuff, it asks you multiple times. Oh well.

I don't really remember much of what happened last week, it's hard for me to remember the previous day, much less 2 weeks ago :) But we had an exchange with these two sisters that were supposed to go home, but got an extension on their mission to do exchanges with all the sisters. It was really good, we got 28 referrals at church. The ward council's faces when we told them that yesterday were priceless :)

This week was really good, we went to what they call the Metro Training Center in South Tampa (so they can call it the MTC, clever). It was a really incredible, spiritual experience. We talked a lot about confidence and where it should come from (God, of course). And it's so true, we have every reason to be confident. We are loved beyond comprehension by the creator of the universe. We are His children, He trusts us, why shouldn't we be confident?

At one point in the training we went around and everyone said what we love about our companions. The Spirit was possibly the strongest I've ever felt it and even the really tough elders were crying because they love their companions so much. The second MTC was great, it really changed how I look at a lot of things :)

They're pushing working out hard in the mornings, they're having us wake up at 5:45 instead of 6:30 to get a good workout. In metro we ran all the way from their apartment to they bay, it almost killed me. I got blisters the first day and the second day I got home and there was blood all over my socks and sneakers. Obedience is hard sometimes haha. But it was cool, how often can you work out and see dolphins and the sunrise over the bay at the same time? In Florida you can!

We've had to drop DDDDD for the time being because she's not progressing, which is really sad. But we've gotten some more awesome church headquarters referrals, so stay tuned for what happens with those people :) And we've been working through the members a lot more lately, which is definitely the best way to do missionary work. Possibly the only way, please help the poor missionaries out and introduce them to your friends :)

Okay, some things that I'm really excited about that aren't really that exciting: the church is going to be releasing a new video in a few weeks called He Is the Gift for Christmas! They're going to have it on the banner on YouTube on December 7th, it's going to be awesome :) Also, we got this really cool new Restoration pamphlet on our iPads, it has videos and everything in it. It's cool to see how technology can be used for good. And you have to understand that we've been using these really cheesy, old pamphlets :)

Well, that's all I can think of! Have a great week everyone! :) Love you guys!

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