Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

So this week we had a bit of a surprise, we got transferred again! To a tiny little town called Lake Wales, in the middle of nowhere :) It's like closer to Orlando than Tampa, we're at the very edge of our mission. So yeah, that happened.
It was kind of scary, on Thursday we were weekly planning and we get a call from the AP's saying "President Cusick would like to meet with you at 2:30." We're like ahhh what did we do?? And then when we got there, he talked to us for at least 30 agonizing minutes before he told us that we were getting emergency transferred. Apparently there were some obedience issues with the elders here, so for some reason they decided to send us in. So within a few hours, we gave all the investigators we had found to other missionaries (we had found a surprisingly large amount in a week, so it was kind of hard to leave them) we packed up all our stuff (which we had just unpacked), and loaded it in a mini van, and drove down to Lake Wales! My mini van driving skills finally came in handy! We made it here at like 9 at night, and there were all these elders and our new bishop waiting there for us. We felt so bad.
But Lake Wales is great! It's a tiny ward, they don't even have a full building. But they are SO happy to have us here. Apparently there haven't been sisters in this ward in 26 years, so yeah, they're pretty happy. We're like celebrities or something. There have been tears because people are so happy, they've been hoping and praying and begging for sisters. They're all really sweet people.  It's pretty country here, so everyone's really happy that I'm from North Carolina. The highest point in Florida is in our area! Which is pretty weird, Florida is mostly way flat, but it's really hilly here. We live on the side of-what feels like-a mountain! Most of the ward is over 60, but I think there are a few families with kids haha. But they're really excited to have us here and to do missionary work, so hopefully we can help their little ward grow!
I don't even know what else to talk about, so much has happened. It's kind of crazy that in a week I went from having 1 area to 3. But things are going well, I'm really happy. It's truly incredible to be an answer to people's prayers. Putting it all in His hands has made me so much happier. I don't know why we have such a tendency to hold on so tight, like we know what we're doing or something :) We're so much happier and things work out so much better when we just let it go. Oh no, I feel a song coming on... Okay, I better go, have a great week! :)

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